Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Invisible Republic 8-19-09

Hosted By Jim Nash

Part 1 Music of Norman Blake (with Nancy on many)

Set 1
Mr Garfield
The Democratic Donkey (Is In His Stall Again)
Blind Dog
I'd Rather Be An Old Time Christian
Starving to Death On A Government Claim
Everybody Works but Father
Constitution March

Set 2
McKinley's Blues
The Hobo's Last Ride
Whiskey Deaf and Whiskey Blind
Kennedy Rag
Radio Joe
Back Home in Sulpher Springs
The Burial of Wild Bill
We're Living In the Future

Set 3
More Good Women Gone Wrong
The Weathered Old Caboose Behind the Train
I Was Born 4,000 Years Ago
Ginseng Sullivan
The Founding of the Famaous CPR (Canadian Pacific RR)
Uncle Sam
Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar w/ Tony Rice

Set 4
God's Radio Phone
'76 Blues + 2
I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow
Nine Pound Hammer
The Sunny Side of Life
You Are My Sunshine

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