Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mostly Folk Playlist: November 27, 2011

Host: Howard Jack

David Roth, "Would You Like to Learn to Dance?," More Pearls
Putnam Smith, "Carlos the Mechanic," Goldrush
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, "Never Far from My Heart," Bright Examples
McCamy's Melody Sheiks, "Goodbye Booze," There's More Pretty Girls Than One
The Nellies, "Gone Away," The Nellies
Pert Near Sandstone, "Reuben's Train," Paradise Hop
The Barefoot Movement, "Stay a While," Footwork
Dar Williams, "When I Was a Boy," Many Great Companions (Disc 1 version)
Glass Anchors, "Winter Home," Glass Anchors
Red Hen Stringband, "Little Bird," Birds of a Feather
The Once, "By the Glow of the Kerosene Light," Row Upon Row of the People They Know
Catie Curtis, "Highway del Sol," Stretch Limousine on Fire
Emma's Revolution, "Shelter," Revolutions Per Minute
Ed Miller, "Scotland's Story," Come Awa' wi' Me
Emily Hurd, "Skipping Stones," Long Lost Ghosts
Mary Flower, "Way Down in the Bottom," Misery Loves Company
Grant Dermody, "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues," Lay Down My Burden
Ray Bonneville, "River John," Bad Man's Blood
Michael Jerome Browne, "Doin' My Time," The Road Is Dark
Mulebone, "Tupelo Honey," Bluesville Sessions
Little Toby Walker, "I Know You Rider," Live at the Bottleneck
Zoe Speaks, "Appalachian Childhood Dreams," Pearl

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mostly Folk Playlist, November 6, 2011

Host: Terry Hayden

Today's show will be devoted entirely to people who will be performing in the area in the coming month.  For the most part, I will play two songs by each performer.

Little World Spinning Blue | Cris Williamson and Tret Fure | Postcards from Paradise
The Women Are Singing Tonight | Cris Williamson | Fringe
Big Country | Claudia Nygaard | Let the Storm Roll In
J.C. | Claudia Nygaard | Let the Storm Roll In
Garden Song | David Mallett | David Mallett
Dulcimer | David Mallett | Midnight on the Water
All Night Long | Tim Grimm | Thank You Tom Paxton
I Give You the Morning | Tim Grimm | Thank You Tom Paxton
Howlin' at the Moon | Sam Bush | Howlin' at the Moon
The Mahavishnu Mountain Boys | Sam Bush | King of the World
One Meat Ball | Roy Book Binder | The Hillbilly Blues Cats
Cincinnati Flow Rag II | Roy Book Binder | Travelin' Man
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens | Asleep at the Wheel | The Very Best of Asleep at the Wheel
Sugarfeet Rag | Asleep at the Wheel | The Very Best of Asleep at the Wheel
You Can Never Hold Back Spring | Harmonious Wail | Resist Temptation
Melodie du Crouton | Harmonious Wail | Airborne
Darling Corey | Crooked Still | Hop High
Last Fair Deal Gone Down | Crooked Still | Hop High
Who's That Knocking at My Door | Annie and the Hedonists | Side of the Road
Acony Bell | Annie and the Hedonists | Side of the Road
Oh My Michael | Red Molly | Light in the Sky
Ghost | Red Molly | Light in the Sky
The Dust | Bearfoot | American Story
Billy | Bearfoot | American Story
Take Me Back to Harper's Ferry | Magpie | Seed on the Prairie
Old Brown Coat | Dan Berggren with Dan Duggan, John Kirk, and the Newton Street Irregulars | Mountain Air
Roll the Old Chariots | Woods Tea Company | Side By Each
All of the Hard Days Are Gone | Woods Tea Company | The Passage