Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, December 17, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Magpie, "The Ballad of Chanukah," Last Month of the Year
Magpie, "The Gower Wassail," Last Month of the Year
Priscilla Herdman, "Jock O'Hazeldean," The Water Lily
The Raquette River Rounders, "One More Song," The Raquette River Rounders Collection
Nowell Sing We Clear, "Time to Remember the Poor," Just Say Nowell
The Baltimore Consort, "Drive Dull Care Away," Bright Day Star
Ian Robb, "A-Roving on a Winter's Night," From Different Angels
Greg Clarke, "Cold Winter's Shadow," Old Bones
The Boys of the Lough, "Da Cold Nights of Winter/Da Blue Yow/Da Spirit o' Whiskey," Midwinter Night's Dream
Ian and Sylvia, "The Cutty Wren," So Much for Dreaming
Annie & the Hedonists, "River," Moonglow on the Midway
Harvey Reid, "The Coming of Winter," The Coming of Winter
The Red Clay Ramblers, "One Rose/Hot Buttered Rum," Rambler
Mark Knopfler, "5:15 AM," Shangri-La
David Grisman, "Winter Wonderland," David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas
Robin & Linda Williams, "Shotgun Shells on a Christmas Tree," The First Christmas Gift
Dan Berggren, "Found My Way Back Home," Fresh Territory
The Ramblin' Jug Stompers, "Jug Band Music," Crooked Songs: Live at Caffe Lena
Gordon Bok, "Where the Cane Fires Burn, In Concert
Peter Mulvey, "The Fix Is On," The Knuckleball Suite
Kris Delmhorst, "Light of the Light," Strange Conversation
Jeffrey Foucault, "Ghost Repeater," Ghost Repeater
Mary Flower, "Crow Jane," Bywater Dance

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, December 10, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

Fair and Tender Ladies/Scott Alarik/All That is True
Intro to Collage: Pretty/Gordon Bok/Gordon Bok in Concert
Collage: Pretty/Gordon Bok/Gordon Bok in Concert
Yours Love/Willie Nelson/Songbird
NPG/Natalie MacMaster/Yours Truly
Hickory Wind/Grant-Lee Phillips/Virginia Creeper
Little Bombs/Aimee Mann/The Forgotten Arm
Wrestling with Cain/Jack Harlan/Scintilla
Origin of the Species/Chris Smither/Leave the Light On
Leaping and Dancing/Nowell Sing We Clear/The Best of Nowell Sing We Clear
Come and I Will Sing You/Nowell Sing We Clear/A Pageant of Midwinter Carols vol. 4
A'Soalin'/The Foothills Trio/Songs for a Winter Night
Solar Carol/Kim and Reggie Harris/Simplicity
Man Come Into Egypt/Kim and Reggie Harris and Rabbi Jonathan Kligler/Let My People Go! Jewish and African American Celebration of Freedom
Chanukah Chase/Magpie/Last Month of the Year
Last Month of the Year/Magpie/Last Month of the Year
Fifty Kilowatt Tree/The Bobs/Too Many Santas!
Ten Dollar Christmas/Bridget Ball and Christopher Shaw/Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
Christmas in the Trenches/John McCutcheon/Live at Wolf Trap
Tulips in the Spring/Brooks Williams/Back to Mercy
Light a Light/Bridget Ball and Christopher Shaw/Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Loreena McKennitt/The Carols of Christmas II: A Windham Hill Sampler
O Come All Ye Faithful/Judy Collins/Christmas on the Bittmore Estate
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/Lorraine and Bennett Hammond/Peace on Earth
What Child is This/Bridget Ball and Christopher Shaw/Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
Jingle Bells/Folk Like Us/An American Christmas

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, November 26, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Toby Walker, "Nine Hundred Miles From My Home," Plays Well with Others
Jess Klein, "Ireland," Draw Them Near
Bill Staines, "Winter," Tracks and Trails
Ellis Paul, "If You Break Down," Essentials
The Jackie Frost Ensemble, "The River's Bend," Cold Lonely Blues
Fiddler Dave Tweedie, "Binkey's First Move," The Cormorant
Dale T. Brann, "Old Family Pictures," Walking Back
Crooked Still, "New Railroad," Shaken by a Low Sound
Peter Mulvey, "You and Me and the Ten Thousand Things," The Knuckleball Suite
Kris Delmhorst, "Tavern," Strange Conversation
Mark Erelli, "Evening's Curtain," Hope & Other Casualties
Jeffrey Foucault, "Train to Jackson," Ghost Repeater
Amos Lee, "The Wind," Supply and Demand
Tony Furtado, "California Flood," Thirteen
Gob Iron, "Wayside Tavern," Death Songs for the Living
The Stillhouse Rounders, "Trouble in Mind," Black Dog
Catie Curtis, "Passing Through," Long Night Moon
Peter Walker, "Celebration," A Raga for Peter Walker
Roger Salloom, "In the Snow," Eventually
Sally Spring, "Old Man as He Walks Out the Door," Mockingbird
Rosanna Lee, "Quicksand," Quicksand
Chris Smither, "John Hardy," Leave the Light On
Hot Tuna, "True Religion," The Very Best of Hot Tuna
Madcat and Kane, "Tribute to Johnny Shines," Key to the Highway

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, October 15, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Friction Farm, "Gravity," Believe
Christine Lavin, "You Look Pretty Good for Your Age," Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best
Annie & the Hedonists, "That Song About the Midway," Moonglow on the Midway
Rick Brockner, "Country in the City," Black Mountain Brew
Burns Sisters Band, "Vigilante Man," Wild Bouquet
David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, "Engine 143," DGBX
David Grisman Quintet, "Limestones," Dawg's Groove
William Lee Ellis, "Dust Will Write My Name," God's Tattoos
Great Big Sea, "Graceful and Charming," The Hard and the Easy
Bob Dylan, "Thunder on the Mountain," Modern Times
Kamikaze Hearts, "Deer Hunter,' Oneida Road
Jane Eamon, "Lay Me Down," Deep Water
Fred Tackett, "A Church Falling Down," In a Town Like This
The Raisin Pickers, "Keweenaw Light," Handed Down
Art Thieme, "The Pokegama Bear," The Older I Get, the Better I Was
Zoe Speaks, "The Bear," Pearl
Spider John Koerner, "Summer of '88," Raised by Humans
Putnam String County Band, "The Candidate's a Dodger," Home Grown
Eliza Gilkyson, "Man of God," Paradise Hotel
Jeremy Spencer, "Many Sparrows," Precious Little
Youngbloods, "Sugar Babe," Ride the Wind
Jesse Winchester, "Freewheeler," Gentleman of Leisure

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, October 8, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

I Been Singin / The Foremen / The Best of the Foremen
Papa Dukie and the Mud People / The Subdudes / Behind the Levee
Dawn in December / Craig Vance / The Hills of Glencoe
Wildwood Flower / Sam Pacetti and Gabriel Valla / Union
Raise the Devil / Mary Flower / Bywater Dance
Glass Houses / Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen / Live in Concert
What You Are / The Greencards / Weather and Water
Step Out of the Shade / Amy Speace / Songs for Bright Street
River of Dreams / Claire Lynch / New Day
The River's Bend / Jackie Frost Ensemble / Cold Lonely Blues
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around / Freedom Song Network / This Line is Singin'!
Rolling Home / Schooner Fare / Signs of Home
It's Been a Long Time / King Wilkie / Broke
Nashville Cats / The Del McCoury Band / The Family
Diner / Martin Sexton / Black Sheep
Come When I Call You / The Klezmatics / Wonder Wheel
Come and I Will Sing You / Great Big Sea / The Hard and the Easy
Midnight Special / The Weavers / Greatest Hits
Their Brains Were Small and They Died / Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen / Live in Concert
We Belong to the Earth / Magpie / Seed on the Prairie
Please Don't Stop / Jeremy Spencer / Precious Little
The Hoochie Mama's / Kevin Roth / Between the Notes
You Don't Have a Clue / Richard Ellers / Love Songs, Ballads, and Broadsides
Yuppies in the Sky / Tom Paxton / Live From Mountain Stage
Raise My Voice and Sing / Pat Wictor / Heaven is So High..and I'm So Far Down
Watching the River Go By / John Hartford / Good Old Boys
The Barbershop Blues / Mustard's Retreat / 5 Miles or 50,000 Tears

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, September 10, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Rod MacDonald, "The Lucky Ones," A Tale of Two Americas
Susan Trump, "Old Jack / Rocky Mountain Goat," Tree of Life
Craobh Rua, "Roving Jack the Baker / One for the Road," No Matter How Cold and Wet You Are, As Long As You're Warm and Dry
Andy Cohen, "Make Believe Stunt," Ridiculous Instrumentals
David Jacobs-Strain, "River Was Green," Stuck on the Way Back
The Hunger Mountain Boys, "No Phone No Tone," Three
Cosy Sheridan, "The Introvert's Waltz," Live at Cedar House
David Roth, "Would You Like to Learn to Dance?," More Pearls
The Duhks, "Down to the River / Jeb's Tune," Migrations
IIIrd Tyme Out, "Travelin' This Lonesome Road," Round III at the MAC
Craig Vance, "Silent Exchange," The Hills of Glencoe
The Jackie Frost Ensemble, "Just Around the Bend," Cold Lonely Blues
Riley Baugus, "Wandering Boy," Long Steel Rail
Robbie Basho, "Wine Song," Venus in Cancer
Anonymous 4 with Darol Anger & Mike Marshall, "Wayfaring Stranger," Gloryland
Ollabelle, "Troubles of the World," Riverside Battle Songs
Madeleine Peyroux, "Everybody's Talkin'," Half the Perfect World
Nils Lofgren, "Comfort Your Love Brings," Sacred Weapon
Kelly Joe Phelps, "MacDougal," Tunesmith Retrofit
Scott Ainslie, "Don't Let the Devil Ride," You Better Lie Down
Mighty Sam McClain, "Don't Turn Back Now," Give It Up To Love
Eric Bibb & Needed Time, "Done Laid Around," Good Stuff

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, August 20, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Rosanne Raneri, "Unfinished," Frantic and Weightless
Christopher Shaw, "The Pole Trail," Adirondack Serenade
The Roches, "So," Can We Go Home Now?
Josh White, Jr., "Backwater Blues," Cortelia Clark
Armor & Sturtevant, "Sweet August Lady," You Dance Like You Drive
Harvey Reid, "Summertime," Solo Guitar Sketchbook
The Modern Jazz Quartet, "Summertime," The Complete Last Concer6
Greg Clarke, "Wot a Mouth," Old Bones
Jane Rothfield, "Nail That Catfish to a Tree," In the Moment
Dan Berggren, "Widow of Charlie Hollow," Fresh Territory
Cathy Winter, "New House," Next Sweet Time
George Wilson, "Jaunting Car Hornpipe/Pennichuck Hornpipe/Millbrae," Northern Melodies
Annie & the Hedonists, "Winnie the Wailer," Moonglow on the Midway
Kevin Maul, "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?," Toolshed
Bill Spence with Fennig's All-Star String Band, "Da Slockit Light/Spootis Kerry/Jack's Delight," The Hammered Dulcimer Returns
John Kirk & Trish Miller, "He Had a Dream," Fly Around
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, "Traveler," A Sense of Place
Tom Mitchell, "Lazy Heart of Mine, " When the Moon Is Right
Michael Jerling, "Old Henry's House," Little Movies
The Hunger Mountain Boys, "Hiccup Remedy Blues, " Three
The Whitetop Mountain Band, "Lost John," Bull Plus 10%
Old Crow Medicine Show, "New Virginia Creeper," Big Iron World
Riley Baugus, "Lonesome Road Blues," Long Steel Rail
ASV, "Swing Her Easy," Goin' to the Dance

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, August 13, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry / Art Thieme / The Older I Get, The Better I Was
Silkie / Broadside Electric / More Bad News
Babylon / Broadside Electric / More Bad News
What'll I Do With the Baby-O / The Jones Family / From Earth to Heaven
Riverside / Ollabelle /Riverside Battle Songs
Over the Rainbow / Kevin Roth / Between the Notes
Miracle / Peter Ostroushko / Pilgrims on the Heart Road (Yesterday was Peter Ostroushko's birthday)
Peace Begins in My Own Heart / Dan Berggren / Fresh Territory
Stand / Bruce Holmes / Life's an Intelligence Test
The Only Way / Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert / Side of the Road
Mystery / Bruce Cockburn / Life Short Call Now
I Believe in Forever / Claire Lynch / New Day
Down that Road / Leahy / Lakefield
When You Sing / John Gorka / Writing in the Margins
It's All How You Look at It / Brady Rymer / Putumayo Kids Presents Folk Playground
Great Big Day / Cormac McCarthy / Curious Thing
Lay Down Your Weary Tune / Tim O'Brien / Red on Blonde
Gold Watch and Chain / Garrison Keillor and Meryl Streep / Prairie Home Companion soundtrack
The Mountain / Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer / Tanglewood Tree (Today would have been Dave Carter's birthday)
Meet the Sun Halfway / Sloan Wainwright / Life Grows Back

The rest of the songs are by people who will be performing in the area this week:
Little Virginia Shack / Ernie Williams / Something on My Mind
Changing Your Mind / Jay Mankita / Jay Mankita
Summer Dress / Alien Folklife / Down to Earth
Blue Chalk / Maura O'Connell / Stories
Child of Mine / Bill Staines / Going to the West
Chilly Winds / Bill Staines / Going to the West
Traveling Shoes / Bill Staines / Tracks and Trails

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, July 16, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Jane Rothfield, "Coconut Stumble," In the Moment
John Kirk & Trish Miller, "Old McDonald Medley," Big Rock Candy Mountain
Tanglefoot, "Jack the Green," The Music in the Wood
John Gorka, "Road of Good Intentions," Writing in the Margins
Cormac McCarthy, "So Many Miles," Curious Thing
Bruce Cockburn, "Mystery," Life Short Call Now
David Ross MacDonald, "Old Joe's Cane," Knuckled Brass and Bone
Dan Berggren, "Like a Sailor, Fresh Territory
The Wailin' Jennys, "The Devil's Paintbrush Road," Firecracker
Michael Lille, "Can't You Hear the Whistle Blow," Suitable Disguise
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, "The Vermont Waltz," Being There
Dougie MacLean, "Seventh Sea," Inside the Thunder
Heritage, "The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside/Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle," Tell Tae Me
Bobby Watt, "Black Douglas," Homeland
The Copper Family, "Spencer the Rover," Coppersongs 3: The Legacy Continues
David Jones, "The Gallant Frigate Amphitrite," From England's Shore
John Wesley Harding, "The Golden Glove," Trad. Arr. Jones
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, "The Outlandish Knight," A Present from the Gentlemen
Martin Carthy, "Byker Hill," The Carthy Chronicles
Norma Waterson, "The Chaps of Cockaigny," Bright Shiny Morning
Eliza Carthy & the Ratcatchers, "King James Version," Rough Music
Blind Blake, "Blake's Worried Blues," Blind Blake: All the Published Sides
Dave Van Ronk, "Blood Red Moon," Going Back to Brooklyn
Keb' Mo', "Life Is Beautiful," Suitcase
Pat Wictor, "Train/Ride," Waiting for the Water
Guy Davis, "Pay Day," Legacy

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, June 18, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Cliff Eberhardt, "The Land of the Free," Borders
Atwater-Donnelly, "Willow Tree," Like the Willow Tree
Paddy Keenan, "Jenny's Wedding/Craig's Pipes," Na Keen Affair
Enoch Kent, "Collier Laddie," I'm a Workin' Chap
Beppe Gambetta, "Duet for One [Leather Britches/Soldiers Joy]," Good News from Home
Matapat, "La Pipe Cornue/Le Capitaine," Matapat
Finest Kind, "No More Fish, No Fishermen," Heart's Delight
Debby McClatchy, "Light Years Away," Light Years Away
Paul Geremia, "Careless Love," Hard Life Rockin' Chair
Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne, "I'm in Debt," Sparkle and Shine
Jodie Stecher & Kate Brislin, "Curtains of Night," Our Town
Judy Collins, "My Father," Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Byron Berline, "Millers Reel," Dad's Favorites
John Prine, "My Old Man," Tribute to Steve Goodman
Darryl Scott, "My Father's House," Family Tree
Cosy Sheridan, "Me and My Father," Saturn Return
Doug Cox, "My Father," Canadian Borderline
James Keelaghan, "My Old Man," Road
Michael Jerling, "Doubter's Prayer," In Another Life
Claudia Schmidt, "Quiet Way," Spinning
Diana Jones, "Up in Smoke," My Remembrance of You
The Hunger Mountain Boys, "Take Me Back to Your Sweet Little Nest," Three
Claire Lynch, "Be Ready to Sail," New Day
Thomasina Winslow, "My Train Comin'," Essential Tunes
The Blue Rhythm Boys, "Frankie & Johnny," Monday Morning Blues
Cephas & Wiggins, "Dirt Road," Shoulder to Shoulder

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, June 11, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

Are You Sleepin Maggie / Aoife Clancy / Silvery Moon
Old Joe Clark/Mississippi Sawyer / Bill Spence and Fennigs All-Star Band / The Hammered Dulcimer
In the Jailhouse Now / Jimmie Rodgers / 1927-1928
Joe Hill / Paul Robeson / Classic Labor Songs
Bread and Roses / Bobbie McGee / Classic Labor Songs
Love Hurts / Roy Orbison / The Essential Roy Orbison
Cut the Cake / John McCutcheon/ Live at Wolf Trap
Irish Rain / Woods Tea Company / Side By Each
Ghannu Mai / HARP / A Time to Sing
Pleasure to Know You / Faith Petric / Faith's Favorites
If I Needed You / Doc Watson / Then & Now/Two Days in November
Where I'm Bound / Tom Paxton / Live from Mountain Stage
Turning Away / Mary Black / Best of Mary Black vol. 2
Deeper Well / Emmylou Harris / Wrecking Ball
Sittin in the Waiting Room / Carla Ulbrich / Sick Humor: The Lighter Side of Illness
Patient 2946065 / Carla Ulbrich / Sick Humor: The Lighter Side of Illness
Hot Frogs on the Loose / Fred Small / Everything Possible
Music Made By Hand / Tom Chapin / Join the Jubilee
Jacobs Ladder / Bruce Springsteen / We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
Teddy Bear / CJ Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band / The Big Squeeze
Walkin in the Wilderness / Kim and Reggie Harris / Rock of Ages
A Little a This n That / Pete Seeger with Tao Rodriguez-Seeger / Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger
Midnight Special / Pete Seeger / American Favorite Ballads, vol. 2
Fall on My Knees / Mammals / Rock That Babe
Pajarillo Barranqueño / Tish Hinojosa / Frontejas
Ten Thousand Skies / Vance Gilbert / Unfamiliar Moon
The Gypsy Life / John Gorka / Temporary Road

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, April 9, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

Oleander / Sarah Harmer / I'm A Mountain
How Deep in the Valley / Sarah Harmer / I'm A Mountain
Drop Me Down / Tres Chicas / Bloom, Red, & the Ordinary Girl
If You Think That It's All Right / Tres Chicas / Bloom, Red, & the Ordinary Girl
Annabel / The Duhks / Your Daughters & Your Sons
Leather Winged Bat / The Duhks / Your Daughters & Your Sons
Send Me A River / The Cottars / /Forerunner
Hold On / The Cottars / Forerunner
Standin' on Jesus / Mike Compton & David Long / Stomp
The Old Ark's A Movin' / Mike Compton & David Long / Stomp
Red Wing / Joe Cunningham and Erik Ian Walker / Music for Squares
The Streets of Laredo / Joe Cunningham and Erik Ian Walker / Music for Squares
John Henry / Lead Belly / Songs for Children
Huddie Ledbetter / Pete Seeger / Pete
John Henry / The Mammals / Rock That Babe
You Can't Go Home Again / David Mallett / Ambition
Get Up and Go / Tom Paxton / Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger, vol 1
Long Time / Peter Rowan / Tree on a Hill
Sailing Home / Peter Rowan / Awake Me in the New World

Monday, February 13, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, February 12, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

Mountain Air / Dan Berggren / Mountain Air
Canned Goods / Greg Brown / One Night
Coat of Many Colors / Dolly Parton / Live and Well
Rich / Neal and Leandra / Stranger to My Kin
Rock of Ages / The Duhks / Your Daughters and Your Sons
Take These Chains / Uncle Earl / She Waits for the Night
Satisfied Mind / The Mammals / Born Live
River / Yonder Mountain String Band / Mountain Tracks: volume 4
Sons of the Century / Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies / Tenderhooks
If I Needed You / Lyle Lovett / Step Inside this House
Homegrown Tomatoes / Guy Clark / Keepers
Mozart in Hell / Beppe Gambetta and Dan Crary / Synergia
Susquehanna / John Kirk and Trish Miller / Fly Around
Music to Me / Bill Staines / Tracks and Trails
How the Night-Time Sings / Brooks Williams / How the Night Time Sings
Dimming of the Day / Mary Black / The Best of Mary Black volume 2
No Pride At All / Jesse Winchester / Gentleman of Leisure
Ramblin Boy / Eric Anderson / Waves