Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, October 15, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Friction Farm, "Gravity," Believe
Christine Lavin, "You Look Pretty Good for Your Age," Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best
Annie & the Hedonists, "That Song About the Midway," Moonglow on the Midway
Rick Brockner, "Country in the City," Black Mountain Brew
Burns Sisters Band, "Vigilante Man," Wild Bouquet
David Grisman Bluegrass Experience, "Engine 143," DGBX
David Grisman Quintet, "Limestones," Dawg's Groove
William Lee Ellis, "Dust Will Write My Name," God's Tattoos
Great Big Sea, "Graceful and Charming," The Hard and the Easy
Bob Dylan, "Thunder on the Mountain," Modern Times
Kamikaze Hearts, "Deer Hunter,' Oneida Road
Jane Eamon, "Lay Me Down," Deep Water
Fred Tackett, "A Church Falling Down," In a Town Like This
The Raisin Pickers, "Keweenaw Light," Handed Down
Art Thieme, "The Pokegama Bear," The Older I Get, the Better I Was
Zoe Speaks, "The Bear," Pearl
Spider John Koerner, "Summer of '88," Raised by Humans
Putnam String County Band, "The Candidate's a Dodger," Home Grown
Eliza Gilkyson, "Man of God," Paradise Hotel
Jeremy Spencer, "Many Sparrows," Precious Little
Youngbloods, "Sugar Babe," Ride the Wind
Jesse Winchester, "Freewheeler," Gentleman of Leisure

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Mostly Folk Playlist, October 8, 2006

Host: Terry Hayden

I Been Singin / The Foremen / The Best of the Foremen
Papa Dukie and the Mud People / The Subdudes / Behind the Levee
Dawn in December / Craig Vance / The Hills of Glencoe
Wildwood Flower / Sam Pacetti and Gabriel Valla / Union
Raise the Devil / Mary Flower / Bywater Dance
Glass Houses / Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen / Live in Concert
What You Are / The Greencards / Weather and Water
Step Out of the Shade / Amy Speace / Songs for Bright Street
River of Dreams / Claire Lynch / New Day
The River's Bend / Jackie Frost Ensemble / Cold Lonely Blues
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around / Freedom Song Network / This Line is Singin'!
Rolling Home / Schooner Fare / Signs of Home
It's Been a Long Time / King Wilkie / Broke
Nashville Cats / The Del McCoury Band / The Family
Diner / Martin Sexton / Black Sheep
Come When I Call You / The Klezmatics / Wonder Wheel
Come and I Will Sing You / Great Big Sea / The Hard and the Easy
Midnight Special / The Weavers / Greatest Hits
Their Brains Were Small and They Died / Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen / Live in Concert
We Belong to the Earth / Magpie / Seed on the Prairie
Please Don't Stop / Jeremy Spencer / Precious Little
The Hoochie Mama's / Kevin Roth / Between the Notes
You Don't Have a Clue / Richard Ellers / Love Songs, Ballads, and Broadsides
Yuppies in the Sky / Tom Paxton / Live From Mountain Stage
Raise My Voice and Sing / Pat Wictor / Heaven is So High..and I'm So Far Down
Watching the River Go By / John Hartford / Good Old Boys
The Barbershop Blues / Mustard's Retreat / 5 Miles or 50,000 Tears