Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mostly Folk Playlist, March 18, 2012

Host: Howard Jack

Enoch Kent, "Van Diemen's Land," I'm a Workin' Chap
Abbey Newon, "Da Full Rigged Ship/Da New Rigged Ship," Crossing to Scotland
Rory Block, "Bo Weavil Blues," Confessions of a Blues Singer
Mother Banjo, "Lying Down with Sinners," Stray Songs (EP)
Molasses Creek, "Mississippi Sawyer," An Island Out of Time
The Steel Wheels, "Indian Trail," Lay Down Low Down
Loretta Hagen, "Mud and Stone," Mud and Stone
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, "Comes Love," Rockin' the Uke
Sarah McQuaid, "The Sun Goes on Rising," The Plum Tree and the Rose
Sweeney's Men, "Sullivan's John," Sweeney's Men/The Tracks of Sweeney
The Johnstons, "The Lambs on the Green Hills," The Johnstons/The Barley Corn
West of Eden, "On She Goes," Safe Crossing
Cathy Jordan, "The Road I Go," All the Way Home
Joe Derrane/Seamus Connolly/John McGann, "Remembering Curly/The Twins/
Mordaunt's Fancy," The Boston Edge
Karan Casey & John Doyle, "Exiles Return," Exiles Return
Liz Carroll, "The Humours of Bandon/Planxty Mary O'Neill," A Friend Indeed
Comas, "The Funky Spider/The Cock and the Hen/ Out on the Edge," Comas
De Dannan, "George Ross' Hornpipes," Hibernian Rhapsody
Altan, "Dulaman," Island Angel
Marcas O'Murchu, "M'Einin Ceoil," O Bheal go Beil
Dick Gaughan, "Song for Ireland," Handful of Earth
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill, "The Cat in the Corner/Naughton's Jig," The Lonesome Touch
The Voice Squad, "The Parting Glass," Good People All

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mostly Folk Playlist, March 4, 2012

Host: Terry Hayden

Today's Mostly Folk show was abbreviated due to hockey. Hockey started partway through the last song, so I'll play that song again on a future show so you can hear the whole thing.

Harriet Tubman | Kim and Reggie Harris | Steal Away: Songs of the Underground Railroad
This is Our Country Here | John McCutcheon | This Land: Woody Guthrie's America
What Must Be Done | Brother Sun | Brother Sun
Two Wolves | John Flynn | Two Wolves
I Wanna Be Your Man | The Nellies | The Nellies
Prairie Love Song | Jay Ungar and Molly Mason | The Lovers’ Waltz
Cold River Waltz | Christopher Shaw | Adirondack
Moonfire | Michael Johnathon | Front Porch
Japanese Bowl | Peter Mayer | Heaven Below
One With the Water | Dan Berggren | One with the Water
Tide and the River Rising | Betty and the Baby Boomers | Where the Heron Waits