Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mostly Folk Playlist, February 17, 2008

Host: Howard Jack

Annie & the Hedonists, "Stillhouse," Moonglow on the Midway
The Hunger Mountain Boys, "Hiccup Rememdy Blues," Three
Celtic Fiddle Festival, "Ton Bale Plevin / Dans Fisel," Equinoxe
The Carter Family, "Answer to Weeping Willow," The Decca Sessions, Volume One
Michael Cooney, "Mole in the Ground," Singer of Old Songs / Still Cooney After All These Years
Bryan Bowers, "Hard Times, For You
Any Old Time String Band, "Long Lost Lover Blues," I Bid You Goodnight
The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus, "Go Home Little Girl," Going Home Shoes
Double Decker String Band, "Darlin' Corey," Chasing Rainbows
Bruce Molsky & Big Hoedown, "Train on the Island / Chain Tree," Bruce Molsky & Big Hoedown
The Johnson Mountain Boys, "The Waves on the Sea," Favorites
Charles Sawtelle, "My Life Is in Your Hands, "Music from Rancho DeVille
Eddie from Ohio, "Horse," This Is Me
Ben Bedford, "Harley Albright," Lincoln's Man
Heidi Winzinger, "Madeline," Snow Day
Danny Schmidt, "Leaves Are Burning," Little Grey Sheep
Peggy Seeger, "Molly Bond," Bring Me Home
Elizabeth Nicholson & Stringed Migration, "Paddy Fahey's / Cape Breton Reel," Fly Not Yet
Tom Paxton, "Comedians & Angels," Comedians & Angels
Ray Bonneville, "So Long Blues, Goin' by Feel
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, "Bottom of the Hill," In Good We Trust
Amos Garrett,"Michigan Water Blues," Acoustic Album
Brooks Williams, "How Long ('til I'm in My Baby's Arms)," The Time I Spend with You
Pat Wictor, "Where Did You Go?," Waiting for the Water

Playlist for Feb. 17, 2008, 5-6pm fill-in

Host: Terry Hayden

El Equipaje del Destierro | Inti-Illimani | Andadas
Cinque Terre | Inti-Illimani | Andadas
Sikuriadas | Inti-Illimani | Lejanía
El Colás | Conjunto Jardín | Floreando
Cumbia en Do Menor | Ska Cubano | Ay Caramba
Maria Lisboa | Mariza | Concerto em Lisboa
Recusa | Mariza | Concerto em Lisboa
Er a La Vo | Beth A. Bolwerk | Oasis World Volume VII, 3
Durme | Sheila Fox and The Kosher Red Hots | Oasis World Volume VII, 3
Chipopo | Itay Pearl | Putumayo Presents Israel
Tariki | Zafa | Putumayo Presents Israel
Ta’aulu | Amal Murkus | Putumayo Presents Israel
Mumtaz | Bombay Dub Orchestra | The Rough Guide to Indian Lounge
Never Give Up | Tribali | The Rough Guide to Indian Lounge

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mostly Folk Playlist, February 10, 2008

Host: Terry Hayden

Song | Performer | Album

The Golden Glove | John Wesley Harding | Trad Arr Jones
Lord Bateman | Broadside Electric | More Bad News
Pretty Picture | Kim Richey | Chinese Boxes
Wanderlust | Kerry Kearney Band | Connect with Your Roots
She Loves Me Too | Robert Hazzard | Troubadour
Once We Walked | Bill Staines | Old Dog
Summer Lightning | Garnet Rogers with Doug Long | Summer Lightning
Lies | Stan Rogers | Northwest Passage
Dance and Sway | Joe Crookston | Fall Down As the Rain
Sixteen | Si Kahn | Thanksgiving
Middle Aged Love | Margaret Nelson with Phil Cooper | Oasis Acoustic Radio Sampler Volume VII, 11
Caffeine | Sass! | Album One
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans | Christine Lavin | Happydance of the Xenophobe
Squalor | Lou and Peter Berryman | What, Again!
One Meatball | Mustard's Retreat | 5 Miles or 50,000 Years
Bei Mir Bist du Schoen | Annie and the Hedonists | Moonglow on the Midway
Gypsy Dog Dance | Cavanaugh and Kavanaugh | Cavanaugh and Kavanaugh
No Place Like Home | John Kirk and Trish Miller | Quicksteppin'
Wizard's Walk/Growling Old Man Old Woman | Beverwyck | Cat Out of the Bag
Hasidic Jig | Gideon Freudmann | Adobe Dog House
Chinese Irishman | The Mammals | Evolver
A Worried Man | Kingston Trio | The Capitol Collector's Series
Red Goes the Vine | Work O' The Weavers | Oasis Acoustic, Vol. VII, 7
Twelve Gates to the City | HARP | A Time to Sing!
Midnight Special | The Weavers | Best of the Vanguard Years
Sunshine Special | The Serendipity Singers | Serendipity/The Many Sides of
The Other Shore | Jamcrackers | Jamcrackers
I Am A Pilgrim | John McEuen, and the L.A. String Wizards | Round Trip
Wayfaring Stranger | Christopher Shaw | Been to Town and Back Again
When I Cross the River | Tom Bolton | When I Cross the River
Johnny Got a Gun | Tom Paxton | Wearing the Time
Johnny Got a Gun | Burns Sisters | In This World
Calling All Angels | Jane Siberry | When I Was a Boy
Glass Houses | Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen | Live in Concert
No Pride At All | Jesse Winchester | Gentleman of Leisure
Oxford Town | Ray Bonneville | Roll it Down
Last Thing on my Mind | Tom Paxton | Live From Mountain Stage
The Water is Wide | Mustard's Retreat | A Resolution of Something
The Water is Wide/Banks of Loch Lomond | Lee Murdock | Wordless
If I Needed You | Lyle Lovett | Step Inside This House
Big Sam Thompson | Chris Thile | Not All Who Wander are Lost
Nine Stone Rig | Back of the Moon | Luminosity
Come and Dance | Mimi Burns Band | I Know You're Out There
Fire in the Glen | Smithfield Fair | 20 for 20

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Playlist - Mostly Folk - Feb. 3, 2008

Host: Sonny Ochs

Artist/Title/CD or LP

Robert Hill/ First To Fight/ My Corner
Rooftop Singers/ Walk Right In/ Troubadours of Folk Era Vol Three
The Kennedys/ American Wish/ Better Dreams
The Foothills Trio/ Streets of London/ In Good Company
Danny Schmidt/ Tales of Sweet Odysseus/ Little Grey Sheep
Ray Bonneville/ Cemetery Road/ Goin’ by Feel
Joel Mabus/ Touch a Name on the Wall/ Retold
Sloan Wainwright/ I Stand Up/ The Song Inside
Sparky & Rhonda Rucker/ Ain’t Gonna Throw It Away/ The Mountains Above & the Valleys Below
Lui Collins/ Swimming to the Other Side/ Feaving Fort Knox
Jamie Anderson/ Pictures For Mama/ Drive All Night
Mavis Staples/ My Own Eyes/ We’ll Never Turn Back
Len Chandler/ To Be a Man/ To Be a Man
Holly Near/ Somebody’s Jail/ Show Up
SNCC Freedom Singers & Marshall Jones/ In the Mississippi River/ Freedom Is a Contstant Struggle
Tom Lehrer/ National Brotherhood Week/ That Was the Year That Was
Emma’s Revolution/ Vote/ Roots Rock & Revolution
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie/ We Belong to the Earth/ Spoken In Love
Terri Hendrix/ The Spiritual Kind/ The Spiritual Kind
Deborah Holland/ The Violin Song/ Bad Girl Once
Nancy Tucker/ Firefighter/ Escape of the Slinkys
Pat Wictor/ Don’t Dig My Grave Too Deep/ Waiting for the Water
Peggy Seeger/ Bring Me Home/ Bring Me Home
Tom Neilson/ Greenland’s Melting to the Sea/ Another Pacifist Under Surveillance
Joe Jencks/ The Sweetest of Rose/ The Candle & the Flame
Carrie Newcomer/ Don’t Push Send/ The Geography of Light
Zach Stevenson/ Changes/ While I’m Here
Girlyman/ Superior/ Little Star
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen/ Darcy Farrow/ Live in Concert
Rebel Voices/ I’m a Friend of the Fetus/ A Little Look Around
Frankie Laine/ Lucky Old Sun/ Frankie Laine’s Greatest Hits
Spook Handy/Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore/ Whatcha Gonna Do
Tom Prasada-Rao/ See Myself In You/ Out of the Blue
Jason Spooner/ All That We Know/ The Flame You Follow
John Flynn/ Trust the Rope/ Two Wolves
Greg Greenway/ What Must Be Done/ Weightless
Mae Robertson/ Meet the Sun Halfway/ Meet the Sun Halfway
Paxton-Hills-Gibson/ Someething Wrong With the Rain/ Best of Friends
John Wort Hannam/ Infantryman/ Two Bit Suit
Faith Petric/ Rock Me To Sleep/ Faith’s Favorites
Tanglefoot/ One More Night/ Full Throated Abandon
Zoe Lewis/ Gringo/ Small Is Tremendous
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer/ Here Is the Chorus/ Postcards