Sunday, July 22, 2007

Playlist, July 22, 2007 (4-6pm fill-in)

Host: Terry Hayden

Chan Chan | Buena Vista Social Club | World Circuit Presents
El Son te Llama | Orchestra Baobab | World Circuit Presents
Central Constancia | Rubén González | World Circuit Presents
L'été Indien | Quadro Nuevo | Tango Bittersweet
The Windmills of Your Mind | Quadro Nuevo | Tango Bittersweet
Sabre Dance | Quadro Nuevo | Tango Bittersweet
Tres Son Multitud | Carlos Libedinsky | Think Global: Tango
Melodia de Arrabal | Hugo Diaz | Think Global: Tango
Mazamiar Holiday | Upper Egypt Ensemble | Rough Guide to Bellydance Café
La Tsalouni | Mohamed Iskandar | Rough Guide to Bellydance Café
Dala | Dobet Gnahore | Na Afriki
Issa | Dobet Gnahore | Na Afriki
Moussa | Dobet Gnahore | Na Afriki
Shireletsha | Village Harmony | Oasis World, Vol. VII, 2
Ak Manday | Dreamchair Music | Oasis World, Vol. VII, 2
Trail of Tears | Randy Alan Motz | Oasis World, Vol. VII, 2
Praia Mole | Wax Poetic | Brasil
Labirinto | Wax Poetic | Brasil
Bida Mariadu | Lura | Putumayo Presents Women of the World Acoustic
Ciuri, Ciuri | Roy Paci and Aretuska | Putumayo Presents World Party
Ola Ta Aiskola | Anastasia Moutsatsou | Putumayo Presents Women of the World Acoustic
Tropnalo Oro | Whitman & Pantell | Chicken Fat Pudding
Tuôa sreca | Sarr-e-Roma | Gypsy Music of the Balkans
Prošeta se Jovka Kumanovka | Ezerki & 7/8 | Gypsy Music of the Balkans
Gypsy Bicycle | Oxymora | Oasis World Vol. VII, 1
Morf'r Freahines (The Queen's March) | Nancy Davis | Oasis World Vol. VII, 1
Coolocumbia | The Bacon Bits | Oasis World Vol. VII, 1
Azara Athai | Rasha | Rough Guide to African Blues
La Tumchi Anni | Mariem Hassan | Rough Guide to African Blues
Kele Mandi | Rokia Traoré | Rough Guide to African Blues

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Playlist, July 8, 2007 (4-6pm summer fill-in)

Host: Terry Hayden

Today I will be playing some of the songs that were an influence on me as I was growing up.

Take Me Home, Country Roads | John Denver | John Denver's Greatest Hits
Riding in My Car | Woody and Arlo Guthrie | This Land is Your Land
I'm Henry the VIII, I Am | Herman's Hermits | The Best of Herman's Hermits
There is a Mountain | Donovan | Troubadour: The Definitive Collection
Catch the Wind | Donovan | Fairytales and Colours
Universal Soldier | Donovan | Fairytales and Colours
Colours | Donovan | Fairytales and Colours
In the Ghetto | Elvis Presley | From Elvis in Memphis
I Still Miss Someone | Johnny Cash | At San Quentin (Legacy Edition)
Long Black Veil | Joan Baez | The Contemporary Ballad Book
Oh Pretty Woman | Roy Orbison | The Essential Roy Orbison
Only the Lonely | Roy Orbison | The Essential Roy Orbison
It Doesn't Matter Anymore | Buddy Holly | Greatest Hits
Everyday | Buddy Holly | Greatest Hits
This Land is Your Land | Woody and Arlo Guthrie | Soundtrack from the Film Woody Guthrie - Hard Travelin'
Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream | Pete Seeger | If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope and Struggle
Passing Through | Pete Seeger | Headlines and Footnotes
How Can I Keep from Singing | Bill Staines | Journey Home
One Man's Hands | Carolyn Hester | Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, vol. 3
Carry it On | Tom Paxton and Anne Hills | Under American Skies
Rainbow Race | Pete Seeger | Pete
Teency Weency Spider | Pete Seeger | Birds, Beasts, Bugs, and Fishes (Little and Big)
Ring Around the Rosy / Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush / London Bridge | Pete Seeger | American Folk, Game, and Activity Songs for Children
Skip to My Lou | Pete Seeger | Folk Songs for Young People
Blow the Man Down | Pete Seeger | Folk Songs for Young People
All God's Critters | John McCutcheon | Howjadoo
Melody Fair | Bee Gees | Odessa
Marley Purt Drive | Bee Gees | Odessa
Wagoner Lad | The Serendipity Singers | Serendipity/The Many Sides Of The Serendipity Singers
Don't Let the Rain Come Down | The Serendipity Singers | Serendipity/The Many Sides Of The Serendipity Singers
Sunshine Special | The Serendipity Singers | Serendipity/The Many Sides Of The Serendipity Singers
Happiness Runs | Donovan | Barabajagal
Donna Donna | Donovan | Fairytales and Colours
Boy for Every Girl | Donovan | Essence to Essence
Life is a Merry-Go-Round | Donovan | Essence to Essence
Sailing Homeward | Donovan | Essence to Essence

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Mostly Folk Playlist, July 1, 2007

Host: Sonny Ochs

Jim Dawson/ Photograph/ Black Hen Music 2007 Sampler
Neal & Leandra/ Luis/ Dancing with a Ghost
The Bill Hilly Band/ Francis/ All Day Every Day
Mary Gauthier/ Mercy Now/ Mercy Now
Pat Wictor/ Death Letter/ Waiting for the Water
Nick Annis/ Jesus, Inc/ Steal the Cow
Annie Wenz/ Malcolm's World/ Poet's Dance
Randall Williams & Claudia SanSoucie/ War Stories/ First Take
Tracy Grammer/ Laughlin Boy/ Flower of Avalon
John Gorka/ People My Age/ The Company You Keep
Nerissa & Katryna Nields/ When I'm Here/ This Town Is Wrong
Joe Jencks/ We Cry Out/ What Kind of Brother
Cris Williamson/ Lucille/ Blue Rider
Ronny Cox/ In New Orleans/ At the Sebastiani Theater
Hudson River Sloop Singers/ Broad Old River/ Broad Old River
Modern Man/ My Money & Me Broke Up/ Assisted Living
Terri Hendrix/ Jim Thorpe's Blues/ The Spiritual Kind
Kim & Reggie Harris & Magpie/ How Long/ Spoken In Love
Anne Hills/ Little Orphan Annie/ ef you don't watch out
Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie/ Beware of the Man Who Calls You Bro/ Hungry
Tom Prasada-Rao/ Is There Anybody Here/ Out of the Blue
Zoe Mulford/ Stock/ Roadside Saints
Arlo Guthrie/ Ring Around a Rosy Rag/ Alice's Restaurant
The Waybacks/ The Blacksmith/ From the Pasture to the Future
John Flynn/ Big Boat Comin'/ Dragon
Penny Lang/ Jailer, Bring Me Water/ Penny Lang & friends live
Paul Mills/ Last Steam Engine Train/ The Other Side of the Glass
Richard Shindell/ Waiting for the Storm/ Somewhere Near Paterson
Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem/ Stewball/ Gambling Eden
Cliff Eberhardt/ The High Above & the Down Below/ same
David Roth/ That Kind of Grace/ Rising In Love
Lou & Peter Berryman/ Broccoli Shy/ House Concert
Betty & the Baby Boomers/ I'll Always Sing/ I'll Always Sing
Joe Crookston/ If I Say Yes/ Fall Down As the Rain
Red Molly/ Coal Tattoo/ Never Been To Vegas
Rowan Brothers/ Soldier's Cross/ Now & Then
Harry Manx/ Your Sweet Name/ Mantras for Madmen
Scott Berwick/ Catskill Mountain Spring/ Catskill Mountain Songs
Wishing Chair/ Copernicus/ Crow
Dust Poets/ Four Legs Good/ Four Legs Good
Phil Ochs/ Power & Glory/ private tape