Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mostly Folk Playlist, September 30, 2007

Host: Howard Jack

Patty Larkin, "Just a Few Words," Regrooving the Dream
Ember Swift, "Twist Twice," Disarming
The Wailin' Jennies, "Glory Bound," Firecracker
Reading: "Jackie Alper: The Fifth Weaver," by Scott Alarik, from The Black Sheep Review, Vol. III, No. III (Feb. 1985)
Scott Alarik, "Fair and Tender Ladies," All That Is True
Thea Hopkins, "Jenny Danced," Chickasaw
Michael Jerling, "Cold River," Crooked Path
Modern Man, "Folk Music in the Nude," Assisted Living
Alastair Moock, "Woody's Lament," Fortune Street
Corinne West, "Second Sight," Second Sight
Stevie Barr and Friends, "Lonesome Road Blues," Along the Crooked Road
Rootbound, "Willie's Last Night," Rootbound
Robin Bullock, "Raglan Road," Rosewood Castle
Connie Kaldor, "Prairie Moon," Small Café
Harvey Reid & Joyce Anderson, "The Wreck of the Isadore," The Great Sad River
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, "Love, The Magician," Drum Hat Buddha
Carmen Gilman & the Newton Street Irregulars, "Nevada Jane," The Comforts of Home
James Talley, "Red River Memory," Got No Bread, No Milk, No Money, But We Sure Got a Lotta Love
Grisman, Hartford, Seeger, "Jerusalem Ridge," Retrograss
Notorious, "Susitna (Sleeping Lady)," Notorious
Judy Henske, "Buckeye Jim," Judy Henske / High Flying Bird
Mark Tolstrup, "Green, Green, Rocky Road," The Back Roads of America

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Playlist – Mostly Folk – 9/2/07

Host: Sonny Ochs

Artist/ Song/ CD or LP

NYC Labor Chorus/ We’ve Got To Keep the Union Strong/ Live ’93
Robin Greenstein/ Cotton Mill Girls/ Images of Women
Phil Ochs/ Links on the Chain/ I Ain’t Marching Anymore
John Prine/ Paradise/ John Prine
Aileen Vance/ Hard Working Hands/ After the Night
Penny Lang/ Working Class/ Yes
Peter Paul & Mary/ Coming of the Roads/ Songs of Conscience & Concern
Bobbie McGee/ Fifty Nine Cents/ Songs for Working Women
Artisan/ Unnecessary Toil/ Breathing Space
Missy Burgess/ That Lucky Old Sun/ Pour Me a Song
Battlefield Band/ I Am the Common Man/ Anthem for the Common Man
Fred Holstein/ Banks of Marble/ Rebel Voices
Sammy Walker/ Proud & Poor/ Sammy Walker In Concert
Frances Black/ Magdalen Laundry/ How High the Moon
Woody & Arlo Guthrie/ All Work Together/ This Land Is Your Land
Geoff Morgan/ Shoulder to the Wheel/ Finally Letting It Go
Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem/ The Farmer Is the Man/ Gambling Eden
Pat Humphries/ Hands/ What’s That I Hear
Joe Jencks/ The Great Fast Food Strike/ Rise As One
Malvina Reynolds/ World In Their Pocket/ Held Over
John McCutcheon/ Two Foot Seam/ Storied Ground
Tanglefoot/ Hard Work/ Dance Like Flames
Kristen Lems/ The Living Wage/ Equality Road
Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger, Chet Washington/ Greenland Fisheries/ Songs of the Working People
John Wort Hannam/ Blue Collar/ Dynamite & Dozers
Tom Paxton / One Million Lawyers/ Best of Friends
Guy Davis/ Railroad Story/ Chocolate to the Bone
Jane Sapp/ Aragon Mill/ Carry It On
Deborah Holland/ Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ The Panic Is On
Charlie King/ Our Life Is More Tan Our Work/ Somebody’s Story
Faith Nolan/ Beloved Comrade/ Compilation 1986-1996
Seeger, Sapp & Kahn/ Step By Step / Carry It On
Pete Seeger/ Talking Union/ Carry It On
Peggy Seeger/ Gonna Be An Engineer/ Songs of Love & Politics
Rebel Voices/ Hospital Workers/ Warning Women At Work
John Gorka/ Bracero/ What’s That I Hear
Judy Gorman-Jacobs/ Chemical Worker/ Right Behind You in the Left Hand Lane
Aengus Finnan/ Swing Boys Swing/ North Wind
Holly Near/ I Got Trouble/ & Still We Sing
Grit Laskin/ Sewing Machines/ Unabashedly Folk
Woods Tea Co./ Haul Away Joe/ This Side of the Sea
Anne Feeney/ Union Maid/ Union Maid
Nancy White/ Graciela/ Sort of Political
Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers/ The Final Trawl/ Off the Map
Fred Small/ Everything Possible/ No Limit