Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mostly Folk Playlist, December 16, 2012

Host: Terry Hayden

Today’s show will have a seasonal flavor, emphasizing themes of light from darkness and warmth from cold.  Toward the end of the show, the focus will expand from winter to  the larger picture of bringing light to all the darknesses in life.  The show starts with a song that says “somewhere in the heart of the deepest dark night is the promise of dawn” and ends with a song that says “from darkness to the sunlit day.”  Many songs throughout the show convey similar messages.

My favorite songs on this playlist are indicated by *.

Light a Light | Bridget Ball and Christopher Shaw | Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
Hauling in the Wood | Bridget Ball and Christopher Shaw | Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
Wild December | Atwater-Donnelly | When Winter Calls
Wintergrace | Atwater-Donnelly | When Winter Calls
Steel String Surprise | Darryl Purpose | The Gift of the Magi
May it Be | Darryl Purpose | The Gift of the Magi
Morning Song / March du célibataire | Donna Hébert and Max Cohen | Orange on Blue
Waiting for the Light | John Kirk and Trish Miller | Quicksteppin'
5 Tone Reel | Conor Mulroy | Foxfire
*Where is the Light | Peter Mayer | Midwinter
*Give Light | Magpie | In This World: Looking Back, Moving Forward
Bells of May Street | Lui Collins | Closer
Joyful Noise | Lui Collins | Moondancer
Mistresse Nichols Almond | Robin Bullock | Majesty and Magic
Christmas in the Trenches | John McCutcheon | Live at Wolf Trap
*Ten Dollar Christmas | Bridget Ball and Christopher Shaw | Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
Solstice Carol | Magpie | Last Month of the Year
Winter Solstice | Atwater-Donnelly | When Winter Calls
A Soalin' | The Derry Aires | Oasis Acoustic, Volume XII, #3
Go Tell It On the Mountain| The Weavers | The Weavers: Best of the Vanguard Years
Virgin Mary | The Weavers | The Weavers: Best of the Vanguard Years
Just One Angel | Hilary Field | Christine Lavin Presents: Just One Angel - Holiday Compilation
Stables | Peter Mayer | Midwinter
*Peace Begins in My Own Heart | Fresh Territory | Dan Berggren
*The Only Way | Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert | Side of the Road

*Sower of Seeds | Pete Seeger | Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, vol. 3, Disc 1
*Russian Song / Ode to Joy | Pete Seeger | Pete
*Tomorrow is a Highway | Pete Seeger | If I Had a Hammer – Songs of Hope and Struggle

Monday, December 3, 2012

Mostly Folk Playlist - December 2, 2012

Host: Howard Jack

Nowell Sing We Clear, "The Cutty Wren," Hail Smiling Morn! A
     Pageant of Midwinter Carols
Rory Block, "Steady Freddie," Shake 'Em on Down - A Tribute to
     Mississippi Fred McDowell
Bare Necessities, "Take a Dance," Take a Dance
Lee Murdock, "The Ballad of Ned Meyers," Here We'll Stand
Robin Bullock, "Lord Inchiquin," Majesty and Magic - Music of Bach,
     Dowland and Carolan for Solo Guitar
Samuel James, "Another Backyard Burial," and for the Dark Road
Dana and Susan Robinson, "Raleigh and Spencer," American
Adrienne Frailey, "All My Sins," Definitely
Colin Linden, "Smoke 'Em All," Still Live
Ben Bedford, "What We Lost," What We Lost
The Stray Birds, "Dream in Blue," The Stray Birds
Mark Schatz, "Fraidlin'," Brand New Old Tyme Way
The Once, "By the Glow of the Kerosene Light," Row upon Row of
     the People They Know
Roy Schneider, "Beyond the Crossroads," Walls That Talk
Debby McClatchy, "Light Years Away," Light Years Away
Dean Magraw, "Shadow Dance," Seventh One
Bill Morrissey, "Winter Laundry," You'll Never Get to Heaven
Leonard Cohen, "Banjo," Old Ideas
Steve Goodman, "Old Smoothies," Live at the Earl of Old Town
Rosalie Sorrels, "Old Devil Time," My Last Go 'Round
Art Thieme, "Robin Hood's Death," The Older I Get the Better
     I Was
Art Thieme, "A Handful of Songs," The Older I Get the Better
     I Was
Kelly Joe Phelps, "Goodnight Irene," Shine Eyed Mister Zen
Pat Wictor, "Sleep Easy," Waiting for the Water