Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Invisible Republic July 8, 2009 Jim Nash

Utah Phillips


Set 1
Railroading On the Great Divide
Hallelujah I'm A Bum
Country Music Story
Aces Straights and Flushes
Hood River Balckie Story
Hood River Roll On
She Favored Bankrobbers Story
Pretty Boy Floyd
Going Away

Set 2
The Rich Will Not Permit You To Vote Away Their Wealth
I Got To Know Why
Old Buddy Good Night
Hiring Hall and Free Speech Story
Preacher and the Slave
Jesse's Corrido
Pig Hollow

Set 3
Loafer's Glory Radio Show -
"Hobo Rules"


Set 4

Enola Gay

The Telling Takes Me Home

Starlight On the Rails

Yuba City

Talking NPR Blues

All Used Up

John D. Lee

Set 5

Frisco Road

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