Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bluegrass Show July 11, 2009

Set 1
New Camptown Races - Frank Wakefield (intro)
Radio Joe - Norman Blake
Old Old House - Peter Rowan
Jekyll Island - Bill Monroe
What Would You Give? - Bill Monroe and Doc Watson
Just a Town - Chris Jones
Greasy Coat - Tom and Brad and Alice
Run Little Rabbit - John Hartford
When the Roses Bloom In Dixieland - John Hartford

Set 2
Sugar Baby - Bray Brothers and Red Cravens
We Believe in Happy Endings - Dry Branch Fire Squad
Little Birdie - Red Allen and Fran Wakefield
Dixie, There's No Place Like Home - Snuffy Jenkins
Don't Wake Me Up - Ralph Stanley
City on a Hill - Northern Lights
Too Far Down To Fall - Ricky Skaggs
Hell Up Coal Holler - John Hartford
Dunbar - John Hartford

Set 3
Arnold Van Pelt's Tune - Tom and Brad and Alice
Song For Greta - James Alan Shelton
Looking For a Break -Lester Flatt
The Old Cellar Hole - Banjo Dan
Snake in the House - Del McCoury Band
Down South Blues - Dock Boggs
Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar - Bill Clifton
Dixie Trucker's Home - John Hartford Stringband
Keep on Truckin' - John Hartford Stringband

Set 4
Widow Maker - Jimmy Martin
Prayer of a Truck Driver's Son - Stanley Brothers
Tennessee Truck Drivin' Man - Ralph Stanley II
Big Sciota - Junior Barber
Ballad of Thunder Road - Jim and Jesse
Taylor Brooke - Ralph Stanley
Tryin' To Get to You - Roland White
When You Are Lonely - Lester Flatt and Mac Wiseman
Birdie - John Hartford
Wild Hog in the Red Brush - John Hartford

Set 5
Losing You - Jimmy Martin and NGDB
True Life Blues - Bill Monroe and Peter Rowan 4-6-65
Sweet Heaven - Norman and Nancy Blake
Mama Blues - Flatt and Scruggs Live
East Tennessee Blues - Beaumont Rag - Doc Watson
Mail Carrier's Warning - Bill Clifton
Steam Powered Aereo Plane - John Hartford

Set 6
Turn Your Radio On - John Hartford
Burn Down The Grand Ole OPry - John Hartford
Ginseng Sullivan - Bluegrass Sessions
Whitewater - Bluegrass Sessions
Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - Carter Family
Little Log Cabin By the Sea - Carter Family
Is The Blue Moon Still Shining

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