Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mostly Folk Playlist, May 20, 2012

Host: Howard Jack

Peter Siegel, "Home" The Show
Andreas Transo, "what...you...do...with...what...you've...got," Live & Rough
Guy Van Duser, "The Stars and Stripes Forever," A Session with Guy Van Duser
Nora Jane Struthers, "Look Out on the Mountain," Nora Jane Struthers
Nicole Lexi Davis, "Love Is a Train," Picture Imperfect
Steve Gates, "Five White Tigers," A Bee in Her Mouth
Le Vent du Nord, "Le Dragon de Chimay," Tromper le Temps
Mother Banjo, "Texas," The Sad and Found
Rebekah Findlay, "The Blacksmith," Northern Skies
Jon Brooks, "Fort McMurray," Delicate Cages
Moors & McCumber, "Sawyer Hamlin," Gravity
The Wandering, "Blues Jumped Up a Rabbit," Mississippi Folk Music Volume III
Atwater-Donnelly, "When I Go to West Virginia (Coal Mine Owner's Daughter)," Where the Wild Birds Do Whistle
Norman Blake, "The Weathered Old Caboose Behind the Train," Chattanooga Sugar Babe
Tony Ellis, "The Hangman's Song," Farewell My Home
Doc and Richard Watson, "Turn Your Lamp Down Low," Third Generation Blues
Iris DeMent, "Easy's Gettin' Harder Every Day," My Life
Jeffrey Foucault, "Every New Leaf Over," Stripping Cane
Leonard Cohen, "Going Home," Old Ideas
Levon Helm, "Golden Bird," Electric Dirt
Levon Helm, "Wide River to Cross," Dirt Farmer
Eric Bibb & Needed Time, "Rough Waters," Good Stuff