Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mostly Folk Playlist, May 18, 2014

Fiddler's Bend | Stephanie Bettman and Luke Halpin | It All Comes Back to Love (Middleburgh Public Library, May 27)
The Two Sisters | Molly Andrews | Blue Morning Glory (GottaGetGon May 23-25)
The Road is Dark | Michael Jerome Brown | The Road is Dark (GottaGetGon May 23-25)
Exploring the Blue | Luka Bloom | The Acoustic Motorbike (Caffe Lena May 22)
Mercy Now | Mary Gauthier | Mercy Now (Caffe Lena June 1)
For Catherine | Laura Cortese | Into the Dark (Caffe Lena May 30)
Rolling Home | North Sea Gas | Keltic Heritage (Squire Jacob Coffeehouse May 24)

People who will perform at Phil Ochs Song Night May 24
Strong Hearts | Cathy Winter | Next Sweet Time
Too Many Martyrs | Kim and Reggie Harris | Rock of Ages
How Long | Kim and Reggie Harris and Magpie | Spoken in Love
What's That I Hear | Kim and Reggie Harris | What's That I Hear: The Songs of Phil Ochs

Phil Ochs
Changes | Phil Ochs | There But For Fortune
Ballad of the Carpenter | Phil Ochs | I Ain't Marching Anymore
Paul Crump | Phil Ochs | A Toast to Those Who Are Gone
When I'm Gone | Phil Ochs | There But For Fortune

Assorted fun stuff
Why Worry | Chet Atkins | Sails
Joy is Like the Rain | Medical Mission Sisters | Joy is Like the Rain
Joy is Like the Rain | Marilyn Bennett | A Gift of Love
The Morning Trumpet | 1995 Garden State Sacred Harp Singing Convention | Showers of Blessings
Ecstasy | Lui Collins | There's a Light
Green Man | Jennifer Cutting's Orchestra | Oasis Acoustic: Volume XI, #5
Oak, Ash, and Thorn | John Roberts and Tony Barrand | Dark Ships in the Forest
To the Begging I Will Go / Jack of All Trades | Revels Chorus | Celtic Roads: Through Ireland, Scotland and Brittany
Chicken on a Raft | Four Shillings Short | Dodging Lodging
The Mary Ellen Carter | Schooner Fare | Alive
Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat) | Pete Seeger and Lorre Wyatt | A More Perfect Union