Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mostly Folk Playlist, January 6, 2013

Host: Howard Jack

Claudia Schmidt, "Banana Moon," Bend in the River - Collected Songs
Mike & Ruthy, "Slow Train," Waltz of the Chickadee
Pete & Dottie Spoor, "I Never Met a Picker," The Spoors Greatest Hits
Darryl Purpose, "Dreams of Life," Next Time Around
Annabelle Chvostek Ensemble, "Fox Tail," Rise
Billy Keane and the Misdemeanor Outlaws, "See Them Leaves," Going Home
Cheryl Wheeler, "Little Lonely Things," Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler
Colin Linden, "Sugar Mine," Still Live
Lauren Sheehan, "Weepin' Willow Blues," Some Old Lonesome Day
Tony Watt, "Going across the Sea," Come & Go with Me
Al & Kathy Bain, "Here Comes My Baby Back Again," Still on the Right Side
Rootbound, "There's a Mailbox on the Dark Side of the Moon," Rootbound
Oh Susannah, "Back Dirt Road," Johnstown
Tom Mitchell, "Lazy Heart of Mine," When the Moon Is Right
Gathering Time, "Old Crows," Red Apples and Gold
The Stray Birds, "Wildflower Honey," The Stray Birds
Dana and Susan Robinson, "When This Old Hat Was New," American Hornpipe
The Once, "TheValley of Kilbride," Row upon Row of the People They Know
Ben Bedford, "Fire in the Bones," What We Lost
Roy Schneider, "Dancin' on the Mountain," Walls That Talk
The Honey Dewdrops, "Together Tied," Silver Lining
Peter Rowan, "Electric Blanket," Dust Bowl Children