Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mostly Folk Playlist, February 19, 2012

Host: Howard Jack

Beausoleil, "Acadian Two-Step," Vintage Beausoleil
Beppe Gambetta, "Hard Travelin'," Slade Stomp
Robin & Linda Williams, "They All Faded Away," The Rhythm of Love
Clarence Bucaro, "Rose of Jericho," Walls of the World
Karen Dahlstrom, "Streets of Pocatello," Gem State (EP)
Mary Black, "Lighthouse Light," Stories from the Steeples
Richard D, Henry, "Somewhere between the Lines," A Long Way from Home
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer, "Hard Edge of Livin'," Little Blue Egg
Dennis Warner, "Old Love," Seeds
The Wiyos, "Farewell Weather Bird," Twist
Dave Dersham, "Fire along the Mountain Pond," Gilding the Lilies
Elly Wininger, "The Cabin," Back Eddy Blues
Ernest Troost, "Switchblade Heart," Live at McCabe's
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, "Dance with Delilah," Strictly Whatever
Michael Jerling, "Cold River," Crooked Path
Mark Tolstrup & Dale Haskell, "City in the Rain," Street Corner Holler
Kevin Maul, "Sleepwalk," Tool Shed
Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys, "The Wind Blows Cold," No Questions Asked
Natalie Merchant, "Sweet and a Lullaby," Leave Your Sleep
Guy Clark, "Boats to Build," Boats to Build
Paul Reddick, "Morning Bell," Sugar Bird
Terry Evans, "In This Day and Time," Puttin' It Down