Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mostly Folk Playlist,June 19, 2011

Host: Howard Jack

Dan Berggren, "One with the Water," Berggren Folk Favorites
The Freight Hoppers, "Fall on My Knees," Waiting for the Gravy Train
Scott Ainslie, "Broken Levee Blues," You Better Lie Down
Jez Lowe, "A Call for the North Country," Northern Echoes - Live on the Tyne
Andy Cohen, "Mississippi Heavy Water Blues," Play It a Long Time
Finest Kind, "The Banks of Sweet Primroses," Lost in a Song
Judy Collins, "My Father [Judy Collins]," Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Byron Berline, "Miller's Reel," Dad's Favorites
John Prine, "My Old Man [Steve Goodman]," Tribute to Steve Goodman
Darryl Scott, "My Father's House," Family Tree
Cozy Sheridan, "Me and My Father," Saturn Return
Doug Cox, "My Father [Doug Cox]," Canadian Borderline
James Keelaghan, "My Old Man [Ewan MacColl], Road
Michael Jerling, "Doubter's Prayer," In Another Life
Jefferson Ross, "Court House Bells," Hymns to the Here and Now
Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers, "Greenhouse Blues," Translucent Blues
Spuyten Duyvil, "Coal Train," New Amsterdam
Ben Prestage, "Fishin' in the Dark," One Crow Murder
Vanessa Lively, "Through the Veil," Uncovering Stones
Coty Hogue, "Undone in Sorrow," To the West
Atwater-Donnelly, "She Sits at Her Loom," Each Other's Story
Putnam Smith, "This Mountain Ain't My Home," We Could Be Beekeepers
Grace Askew & the Black Market Goods, "I Remember," Grace Askew & the Black Market Goods