Monday, March 28, 2011

Mostly Folk Playlist, February 20, 2011

Host: Howard Jack

Jim Gaudet & the Railroad Boys, "Railroad Kill Bill," So Far So Good

Happy Traum, Danville Girl," I Walk the Road Again
Mark Growden, "Shady Grove," Lose Me in the Sand
One Left, "Faretheewell My True Love," This Land I Love
Carolina Chocolate Drops/Luminescent Orchestrii, "Knockin'," Carolina Chocolate Drops/Luminescent Orchestrii  (EP)
Will White, "June Bug," Rise Above
Michael Harrison, "The West River Line," Music Island
Lydia Adams Davis, "Lake Erie," Take Me Back
Ari & Mia, "Open Field," Unruly Heart
Nancy Walker, "The Mountains Are Calling," True Colors (EP)
Runaway Express, "Every Day/It's So Easy," Yeah Buddy! Anniversary Edition

Gurf Morlix, "Clay Pigeons," Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream
Danny Schmidt, "Man of Many Moons," Man of Many Moons
Woody Pines, "Walkin' Down the Road," Counting Alligators

Patrick Sweany, "Frozen Lake," That Old Southern Drag
Andy Cohen, "Make Believe Stunt," Ridiculous Instrumentals
Geoff Bartley, "Goodbye, Father," Put the Big Stone Down
J Wagner, "Worries in the Grain," Disappear
Joe Herrmann, "Sarah Hogan," Gather 'round
John Fahey, "The Portland Cement Factory at Monmouth, California," John Fahey, Vol. 6 - Days Have Gone By
Jeffrey Foucault, "Double Tree," Stripping Cane

Pat Wictor, "Kerrville Campfire Song," Living Ever-lovin' LIVE
Danny Knicely & Will Lee, "St. Anne's Reel," Murders, Drownings and Lost Loves
Eva Cassidy, "Who Knows Where the Time Goes," Simply Eva