Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mostly Folk Playlist, June 6, 2010

Host: Terry Hayden

Song | Perfomer | Album
Cornbread and Butterbeans | Carolina Chocolate Drops | Genuine Negro Jig
Annie McGuire | Black Prairie | Feast of the Hunters' Moon
Muckerman | Chuck Suchy | Unraveling Heart
Apology Song | Michael Johnathon | Ravenwood
Baby You Were Right and I was… | Craig Werth | The Spokes Man
Song for Maria | Jon Shain | Army Jacket Winter
Georgia on My Mind | Tequila Mockingbirds | Old, New, and Unreleased
Acony Bell | Annie and the Hedonists | Side of the Road
What’s the Matter With the Well | Ben Winship |
Cordova | Sally Rogers and Howie Bursen | When Howie Met Sally
I Am A Dolphin | Jay Mankita | Jay Mankita
Song of the World's Last Whale | Pete Seeger | At 89
Down by the River | Betty and the Baby Boomers | Where the Heron Waits
My Dirty Stream | Betty and the Baby Boomers | Where the Heron Waits
Pete Talks About Clearwater | Pete Seeger | At 89
It's a Long Haul | Pete Seeger | At 89
Throw Away that Shad Net (How Are We Gonna Save Tomorrow) | Pete Seeger | At 89
Sun, Rum, and Rain | Capt. Rick Nestler | Oasis Acoustic, Volume X, #8
Come All You Fair and Tender Maidens | David Bromberg | Sideman Serenade
Yonder Come Day | Toshi Reagon | Justice
Earth | Kim and Reggie Harris | Simplicity
Folksong | Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion | Folksong
Hope Machine | Hope Machine | Big Green Hope Machine
The Bramble and the Rose | Cathy Barton and Dave Para | Live From the Dutch Barn: Old Songs Festival
The Devil's Nine Questions | Atwater-Donnelly | The Weaver's Bonny
The King and the Fair Maid | Cara | In Colour
Ah Tusa Shi / Kilavil Jig | Burning Bridget Cleary | Everything is Alright
Goodnight to You | The Cottars | Feast
The Mist Covered Mountains of Home | Smithfield Fair | Scotland, Fair Scotland

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