Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bluegrass Show May 15, 2010

Set 1
New Camptown Races - Frank Wakefield (intro)
Dupree's Diamond Blues - Keller and the Keels
Nine Pound Hammer - Kentucky Colonels
Careless Love - Dock Boggs
Sugar Baby - Dock Boggs
I'll Forget I Ever Lived This Lie - Del McCoury and David Grisman
Shady Grove - Doc Watson and David Holt
Mystery Train - Crooked Jades

Set 2
Another Song, Another Drink - Rock County
Bottle of Wine - LeRoy Troy
Charlie He's A Good Ol' Man - Uncle Earl
Dixie Breakdown - Northern Lights w/ V Clements
Mole In the Ground - Kruger Brothers
Truck Drivin' Man - Bill Monroe (unknown on vocals)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Del McCoury Band
Way Downtown - Doc Watson and NGDB
Return to Dismal Swamp - Tony Rice and Jerry Douglas w/ NGDB

Set 3
Old and In the Way - Old and In the Way
Body and Soul - Del and Ronnie McCoury
Good Ol' Boys - John Hartford
Johnstown Flood - Richard Bennett
House Carpenter - Tony and Wyatt Rice
Sleepy Eyed John - Frank Wakefield

Set 4
Salty Dog - Bluegrass Sessions
Ginseng Sullivan - Bluegrass Sessions
Don't Cuss the Fiddle - Keller and the Keels
The Year 2003 Minus 25 - Keller and the Keels
Moonshiner - Peter Rowan and Jerry Douglas
This World Can't Stand Long - Benton Flippen
Dim Lights Thick Smoke - Goold Ol' Boys

Set 5
Deep Elem Blues - -Good Ol' Boys
Pistol Packin' Mama - Good Ol' Boys
El Nino - Frank Wakefield
Virginia - Frog Holler
Pennsylvania - Frog Holler

Set 6
It's Hard to Tell the Singer From the Song - Hazel Dickens
Battleship of Maine - Norman Blake
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name - Frank Wakefield
The Old Cat Sneezed - Frank Wakefield

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