Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mostly Folk Playlist, November 15, 2009

Host: Terry Hayden

Gin Ye Marry Me or Birnie Bouzle | Woods Tea Company | The Passage
The Biting Reel/Lost Time | Jeremy Kittel | Chasing Sparks
Add a Little Love | Greg Klyma | Rust Belt Underground
Better Days | The McKrells | Better Days
Sing to the Mountain | Elephant Revival | Elephant Revival
Highway Song | Aztec Two Step | Aztec Two Step
All to God | Harper Simon | Harper Simon
Shoulderbirds (You Know Me) | Peter Mulvey | Letters From a Flying Machine
No Use in Crying | Smithfield Fair | The Longing
I Believe in You | Luka Bloom | The Acoustic Motorbike
The Long Road | Cliff Eberhardt | 500 Miles
All That is Gold | Brooks Williams | Back to Mercy
This Shirt | Garnet Rogers with Doug Long | Summer Lightning
That's My Song | Bill Staines | Old Dog
Ring Around the Moon Tonight | Ben Bullington | White Sulpher Springs
No Pride At All | Jesse Winchester | Gentleman of Leisure
Defying Gravity | Cheryl Wheeler | Defying Gravity
Look What Love Has Given Me | Tret Fure | Oasis Acoustic, Volume VII #16
Dimming of the Day |Mary Black | The Best of Mary Black vol 2
Coat of Many Colors | Eva Cassidy | Somewhere
Deep in Gold | Amy Fradon | Passion Angels
Train Song | Carol Noonan | Absolution
Avenue of the Saints | The Pines | Tremolo
Who Knows Where the Time Goes | Sandy Denny | Gold Dust: Live at the Royalty
Urge for Going | Tom Rush | New Year
All My Life’s a Circle | McBride, Lussen and Wooden | Full Circle
Waters of Babylon | McBride, Lussen and Wooden | Full Circle

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