Sunday, September 2, 2007

Playlist – Mostly Folk – 9/2/07

Host: Sonny Ochs

Artist/ Song/ CD or LP

NYC Labor Chorus/ We’ve Got To Keep the Union Strong/ Live ’93
Robin Greenstein/ Cotton Mill Girls/ Images of Women
Phil Ochs/ Links on the Chain/ I Ain’t Marching Anymore
John Prine/ Paradise/ John Prine
Aileen Vance/ Hard Working Hands/ After the Night
Penny Lang/ Working Class/ Yes
Peter Paul & Mary/ Coming of the Roads/ Songs of Conscience & Concern
Bobbie McGee/ Fifty Nine Cents/ Songs for Working Women
Artisan/ Unnecessary Toil/ Breathing Space
Missy Burgess/ That Lucky Old Sun/ Pour Me a Song
Battlefield Band/ I Am the Common Man/ Anthem for the Common Man
Fred Holstein/ Banks of Marble/ Rebel Voices
Sammy Walker/ Proud & Poor/ Sammy Walker In Concert
Frances Black/ Magdalen Laundry/ How High the Moon
Woody & Arlo Guthrie/ All Work Together/ This Land Is Your Land
Geoff Morgan/ Shoulder to the Wheel/ Finally Letting It Go
Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem/ The Farmer Is the Man/ Gambling Eden
Pat Humphries/ Hands/ What’s That I Hear
Joe Jencks/ The Great Fast Food Strike/ Rise As One
Malvina Reynolds/ World In Their Pocket/ Held Over
John McCutcheon/ Two Foot Seam/ Storied Ground
Tanglefoot/ Hard Work/ Dance Like Flames
Kristen Lems/ The Living Wage/ Equality Road
Ronnie Gilbert, Pete Seeger, Chet Washington/ Greenland Fisheries/ Songs of the Working People
John Wort Hannam/ Blue Collar/ Dynamite & Dozers
Tom Paxton / One Million Lawyers/ Best of Friends
Guy Davis/ Railroad Story/ Chocolate to the Bone
Jane Sapp/ Aragon Mill/ Carry It On
Deborah Holland/ Brother Can You Spare a Dime/ The Panic Is On
Charlie King/ Our Life Is More Tan Our Work/ Somebody’s Story
Faith Nolan/ Beloved Comrade/ Compilation 1986-1996
Seeger, Sapp & Kahn/ Step By Step / Carry It On
Pete Seeger/ Talking Union/ Carry It On
Peggy Seeger/ Gonna Be An Engineer/ Songs of Love & Politics
Rebel Voices/ Hospital Workers/ Warning Women At Work
John Gorka/ Bracero/ What’s That I Hear
Judy Gorman-Jacobs/ Chemical Worker/ Right Behind You in the Left Hand Lane
Aengus Finnan/ Swing Boys Swing/ North Wind
Holly Near/ I Got Trouble/ & Still We Sing
Grit Laskin/ Sewing Machines/ Unabashedly Folk
Woods Tea Co./ Haul Away Joe/ This Side of the Sea
Anne Feeney/ Union Maid/ Union Maid
Nancy White/ Graciela/ Sort of Political
Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers/ The Final Trawl/ Off the Map
Fred Small/ Everything Possible/ No Limit

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