Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mostly Folk playlist, June 17, 2007

Host: Howard Jack

Paddy Keenan, "Jenny's Wedding / Craig's Pipes," Ná Keen Affair
Maria Zemantauski, "River Street," Under the Lemon Tree
Steve Tilston, "Don't Blame the Wind," And So It Goes
Mamadou Diabate, "Djanja," Tunga
Louis Killen, "Liverpool Judies," Sailors, Ships & Chanteys
Finest Kind, "No More Fish, No Fishermen," Heart's Delight
Pat Wictor, "Rejoice in My Troubles," Heaven Is So High...
Brian McNeill, "The Rock and the Tide," The Back o' the North Wind
Kieron Means, "Molly Varne," Song Links 2
The Magnolia Sisters, "Les Flammes de Enfer," Apres Faire Le Boogie Woogie
Judy Collins, "My Father," Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Byron Berline, "Miller's Reel," Dad's Favorites
John Prine, "My Old Man," Tribute to Steve Goodman
Darryl Scott, "My Father's House," Family Tree
Cosy Sheridan, "Me and My Father," Saturn Return
Doug Cox, "My Father," Canadian Borderline
Ewan MacColl, "My Old Man," Black and White – The Definitive Collection
Michael Jerling, "Doubter's Prayer," In Another Life
Kelly Flint, "The Letter, 1974," Drive All Night
Tony Furtado & the American Gypsies, "Reuben's Train," Live Gypsy
Will King, "Venetian Blind," Come on in from the Cold
Ray Bonneville, "Tomorrow's Yesterday," Roll It Down
King Wilkie, "The Raising of the Patriarchs," Low Country Suite
Norman & Nancy Blake, "The Empress of Ireland," Back in Sulphur Springs
The Greencards, "River of Sand," Viridian

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