Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mostly Folk Playlist, May 20, 2007

Host: Howard Jack

Sloan Wainwright, "Wild in This World," Life Grows Back
Cheryl Wheeler, "One Love," Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar
Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie, "When I'm Gone," Spoken in Love
Beaucoup Blue, "Walkin' Blues," Out of the Woodwork
Jeff Warner, "Jolly Tinker," Jolly Tinker
Maria Gillard, "Pack Up Your Sorrows," Bound to Happen
The Raisin Pickers, "Old Back Roads," Handed Down
Sally Spring, "Red Winged Blackbird," Mockingbird
Chris Thile, "Cazadero," How to Grow a Woman from the Ground
Steve Goodman, "City of New Orleans,"Live at the Earl of Old Town
John Starling & Carolina Star, "Willin," Slidin' Home
Rachel Harrington, "Blow – The Ballad of Bill Miner," The Bootlegger's Daughter
Yarn, "Angel in Woodstock," Yarn
King Wilkie, "Goodbye So Long," Broke
Copper Kettle, "Coal Rabbit," Coal Rabbit
Jim Watson, "Leaving Home," Don't Tell Me
Paul Bast, "Scooterpie in the Willows," Can What You Can't
The Stillhouse Rounders, "Worried Man Blues," Black Dog
Jimmy LaFave, "This Land," Cimarron Manifesto
Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen, "Hurricane," Being There
Richard Thompson, "A Solitary Life," Front Parlour Ballads
Jemima James, "The Girl with the Long Dark Hair," Book Me Back in Your Dreams
Watermelon Slim & the Workers, "Judge Harsh Blues," The Wheelman

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