Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mostly Folk playlist, June 18, 2006

Host: Howard Jack

Cliff Eberhardt, "The Land of the Free," Borders
Atwater-Donnelly, "Willow Tree," Like the Willow Tree
Paddy Keenan, "Jenny's Wedding/Craig's Pipes," Na Keen Affair
Enoch Kent, "Collier Laddie," I'm a Workin' Chap
Beppe Gambetta, "Duet for One [Leather Britches/Soldiers Joy]," Good News from Home
Matapat, "La Pipe Cornue/Le Capitaine," Matapat
Finest Kind, "No More Fish, No Fishermen," Heart's Delight
Debby McClatchy, "Light Years Away," Light Years Away
Paul Geremia, "Careless Love," Hard Life Rockin' Chair
Jane Voss & Hoyle Osborne, "I'm in Debt," Sparkle and Shine
Jodie Stecher & Kate Brislin, "Curtains of Night," Our Town
Judy Collins, "My Father," Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Byron Berline, "Millers Reel," Dad's Favorites
John Prine, "My Old Man," Tribute to Steve Goodman
Darryl Scott, "My Father's House," Family Tree
Cosy Sheridan, "Me and My Father," Saturn Return
Doug Cox, "My Father," Canadian Borderline
James Keelaghan, "My Old Man," Road
Michael Jerling, "Doubter's Prayer," In Another Life
Claudia Schmidt, "Quiet Way," Spinning
Diana Jones, "Up in Smoke," My Remembrance of You
The Hunger Mountain Boys, "Take Me Back to Your Sweet Little Nest," Three
Claire Lynch, "Be Ready to Sail," New Day
Thomasina Winslow, "My Train Comin'," Essential Tunes
The Blue Rhythm Boys, "Frankie & Johnny," Monday Morning Blues
Cephas & Wiggins, "Dirt Road," Shoulder to Shoulder

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